Monday, February 06, 2006

Sauna Club Sunday 12th February

WARNING.... Sauna Club Wine cellar is at critical levels.... Please bring a bottle next week to top up.

Who's coming? PopCultureTart, Zany, Gorgonzola, Samir, Lady Red (if she can get away early enough from her lunch with Queenie) , Cir Mhor and Belle Helene, Sam, Primrose & Rastas BEC!

What are you bringing?

Mains: Baggage - Fish stew

Sides/salads: Bec! Bringing a salad.
Sam - Tomato & Pesto tart
Dessert : Primrose

Guinness/Beer/Wine: Cir Mhor will supply wine and Guinness in abundance (have you ever seen a bun dance ?) (.......don't forget the red wine!)

For thos who are not knowing of this it will be news, but for those of us who do know it is time to show the photos.

Dateline: London..... by Redshoes

hi there! --- I am stranded in the UK -- waiting for my new RED passport -- as I am now officially a POM (ouch!) having sworn my allegiance to the Queen on Wednesday --- quite a big day in my life -- and not without its sadness and ---- well, gutwrenching emotions that go with such little things......... (I look forward to much hand holding and hugs)

As of Wednesday, the new look has emerged..... Shoes are one thing but this is the best!!!

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Photoshop work by Rastas....

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Red Shoes said...

Thanks for standing up for me Rastas! Obviously your photoshopping was so good, everyone thought it was for real! -- Humph! I am not sure whether to be insulted or tickled pink! ---------as if an English Rose would sink to such sordid levels -- and ha! better still! as if I would look even remotely like that in a Union Jack ..........