Monday, February 13, 2006

Sauna Sunday 19th February

SAMIR'S BIRTHDAY! Who's coming?

Sam, Zany, Samir, Bec, Kali, Mac na Alba, Rastas, Primrose Goddess, Debbie, Maha-Skadi, Baggage, Matthew - (add your name here)

What are you bringing?

Mains: Sam - Oregano Chicken and Baked Pears

Side/Salad: PopCultureTart

Cake: Baggage


Dessert: Will anyone volunteer to create, on her behalf, Red's To-Die-for-Banana-Souffle? (Recipe attached) Kali might. The colour red reverberates sympathetically in her universe. If anyone else wants the challenge, please pray. Primrose, can you bring your ramekins? (Primrose will bring the ramekins)

Wine/Beer/Guinness: Careful with the Guinness, Mr McHaggis! Mac & Kali, Rastas and Primrose

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