Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sauna Sunday, 5th February

What's going on? Is everybody asleep out there? Or has Sauna been cancelled and nobody told me about it? Whatever, I'm showing up Sunday with a salad! Anybody else coming?

Who's coming? (Add your name) PopCultureTart, Samir, Zany, Baggage, Sam, Kali, Mac na Alba, Rastas and Primrose

What are you bringing?

Mains: Curry from Baggage

Sides/salads: PopCultureTart + raita and/or dahl from Alba, Sambal from Rastas and PG

Dessert (go wild, have coffee, nuts and alcohol in it as it's the last Sunday I'll be refusing dessert!):

Sam is bringing dessert - fruit, cheeses and biscuits.

Guinness/Beer/Wine: (.......don't forget the red wine!)

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