Monday, March 13, 2006

Sauna Sunday March 19

Who's coming?
Zany, Maha, Samir, Mac na Alba, Kali, Rastas and Primrose (we wil be late arrivals), Sam. Henry, Meg, Magic Hands, Philip.
(you know the drill, write your name here....)

What are you bringing?
Mains: Sam
Side veg:Zany and Samir & Philip
Salad: Magic Hands
Dessert: Kali & Mac will channel Red Shoes' long-awaited Banana-souffle-to-die-for
Beer/wine/Guinness Rastas and Primrose

A moose is loose

Apologies: Loose Red Shoose Moose


1 comment:

Red said...

Either the souffle did not get approval - or was never made. One has to assume the latter, or else someone was sure to have sent a thank you for the best recipe ever............