Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Post National - Detox Sauna

On the killing floor


Please accept by Saturday morning.

Who's coming?

Zany, Samir, Bec , Primrose, Mac na Alba, Kali, Baggage, Gabe, Magic Hands, Anna E, Kristina O, Renee de Mullum.

Apologies: Rastas (working 1130-2130 then sleep)
Shoes (celebrating Will's birthday, then sleep)

Trainee_Princess & Kuranda Man ... road to airport from Kuranda blocked; bugger; so flight rebooked - so see you all next week

Nice photos - shame they are at least 2 years out of date! The paparazzi are getting lazy. They at least measure up to usual Belswagger standard - for starters I don't feature in them.

I sincerely hope each and every "starlet" among you enjoyed the National Festival (and I must say following Red Shoe's advice made it easy for me to do so). One of the acts I met there this year will be performing at the Drum (everyone say hi to Matt) on 30 April and I can thoroughly recommend going to see them if you are able - Cath Mundy & Jay Turner. I will be back in BrisVegas to Dance up the Sun on May Day and give my apologies for sauna until then. Love Sam.

What are you bringing?

Mains: Elizabethan Stew by Mac na Alba, with a little bit of help from Kali
Side veg: Primrose
Salad: Gabe
Dessert: Baggage's special pudding
Beer/wine/Guinness: Samir(Guiness & Beer& Cider)

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