Friday, November 17, 2006

The hottest woman in the world

In a previous post I had a look at the World Sauna Championships and discovered that Natallia Tryfanava won the women's title. However finding out anything else about this woman from Belarus was very difficult.

Now I can report that Natallia is a music teacher who has won the World Sauna Championships three times. In 2006 she became the runner-up after Leila Kulin from Helsinki who amazingly outlasted the men and managed 14 minutes at 110 Celsius! And - for the first time on the internet I can produce a photograph to show you Ms Tryfanava - sadly, not in the sauna, but at the moment of receiving her award.

The world's hottest woman

For those of you who were wondering how spectators watched the event - the answer is closed circuit TV.

The action heats up

Leila wins three saunas?


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