Monday, November 13, 2006

Weird Sauna news.

Okay - it is weird, but it can you believe some of the stuff that gets called "sauna"???

For example - in Jamaica -

Dear Mr. Gardner,

I recently purchased a sauna suit for exercising; the material is all plastic. Is it safe to exercise in this suit without clothing underneath or what? I have found that under normal circumstances, when I am exercising, I do not perspire as much, but when I use the sauna I perspire a whole lot. My main aim is to lose weight.

Response to reader

Exercising in your sauna suit will insulate your body and reduce the effective surface area for heat loss. When you are exercising it is important to minimise your clothing to provide an optimal skin surface area from which evaporation can occur.

Ideally, exercise clothing should allow your body to cool itself easily. Ordinarily we recommend that exercisers avoid clothing made from nylon or rubberised fabrics that prevent evaporation of perspiration. Thus cotton clothing is considered as an excellent material for facilitating the evaporation of sweat....

Now there is much more sage advice, but I started wondering what the hell a "sauna suit" was.

I hope he zips up before exercising!

Global media helps to promote sauna scam

The Velform Sauna belt scam is now worldwide! I was watching the infomercial on Report on Business television and could not believe what I was watching.

I was amazed that they were allowed to sell this product in this country in the first place. The infomercial reminded me of the earlier AbTronics commercials that were cited by the FTC in the U.S. and other agencies around the world as being deceptive.

In Australia...

Danoz's abtronic advertising 'misleading'

Advertising claims by Danoz Direct Pty Ltd about the benefits of its Abtronic Fitness System have been declared to be misleading or deceptive to consumers.

After action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Justice Dowsett of the Federal Court, Brisbane has made the declarations about representations by Danoz Direct's national promotion of the Abtronic "electronic muscle stimulation" device.

"Among other things, Justice Dowsett has ordered Danoz Direct to broadcast public announcements on television aimed at correcting the representations made", ACCC Chairman, Mr Graeme Samuel, said today.

"The Abtronic was heavily promoted by Danoz Direct on television during four minute ‘advertorials’ on Network Ten’s Good Morning Australia and Bright Ideas programs. Late night ‘infomercials’, which ran for about half an hour, were also broadcast on Network Ten and the Seven Network, and their affiliate stations throughout Australia. Danoz Direct also promoted the Abtronic on its website and in its product catalogues.

"This is an important win for consumers", Mr Samuel said. "Danoz Direct sold over 94,000 Abtronics in Australia and made over $14 million from their sales. Many consumers may have decided to buy the Abtronic for its advertised fat and weight loss benefits. The Federal Court has declared these claims to be misleading.

The other news -

In California, thieves decided to pause during a break in and have a sauna. Unfortunately they set fire to the sauna and destroyed the entire house. There has to be a moral there somewhere...


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