Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sunday Jan 13 2008

Flashback to last week - The post prandial romp.

Goodness Joyce! Well, swive me sideways! Is it that time of the week again? And the weather, what a larf! Call this summer... might as well call it Nigel, it's just as wimpy and not very hot! Well, enough of my gripes.

The truly scary bunch are determined to get in the sauna again and the flying super-woman Sam is sacrificing chickens on an altar of glass noodles ( no noodles will be maimed or damaged in the ritual).

Sam prepares dinner.

All the usual coven suspects have failed to telepath their thoughts! Swizzlesticks! Yikes! Nevermind, enough already with my gripes! So we have Sam's chickens and a warm pool and a hot sauna.

If anything else comes to mind before you power up your broomsticks, m'dears, then telepath to the grand wazoo as soon as you have finished curling your nails and straightening your hair (careful with the iron, Beatrice.)

Beatrice inspects her new hairdo

So until I feel your rank and rancid thoughts invading the holy temple of my brain, I will sign out.

Yours Wica (dly)

Zany (Temptress #3457 - lower order of fruit bats)


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