Saturday, February 02, 2008

Sunday Sauna - February 3 2008

A bright thread of greeting - and as the dust settles it is once again Sauna time. Perfect for curing the dreaded pox, warts, infestations of toads and nasty conglomerations of imps.

Your attendance is desired. The pool and sauna await.

Naioma forgets to take off her towel

Strange tidings are ready to be told.

And more gossip than you can fit in a size 12 sack - even with the top open and jumping on it with all your weight.

News is that Zany is making a very healthy fruit salad. Magic hands and ma will be bringing mains:
pollo a la caccaitora and garlic cannelini

so if someone wants to bring bread, salad and dessert to match the feast is on!

All else is lost in the mist.

Rachel emerges alive from last week's sauna.


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