Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sauna Sunday August 31 2008

Yes the Sauna is back from Victoria and Nicole back from Pommyland

Who is attending?: , Nicole ( with South Ossetian folksongs!)Samir, Dave, Sam, Henry Clarke, Mega-Clarke, Zany, Mac n Alba, Kali, Primrose Goddess, Rastaman....

Mains: Samantha's South Ossetian (free range)Chicken Surprise

Pudding: ?????

Drinks: Dave (English ales and wine)

Washing up:

Absent Friends:
Zany - at the theatre to see My Fair lady with her parents!(but will be back for food!)
John - rehearsing in the mountains
Shez & Wally are doing yoga
Magic Hands is in China
Maha is is Hobart...

And specially Redshoes who is drinking champagne for 3 years in France!


Happy Birthday Mobile Sauna for South Ossetia and Abkhazia!

In true Sauna Club style we are happy to announce the birth of a pair of darling twins, South Ossetia and Abkhazia! Although a bit on the small side (populations 70,000 and 250,000
respectively), and perhaps not with a terribly appealing prognosis, they are nevertheless here to stay. Russia has recognized them as independent states; the rest of the world considers them provinces of Georgia. They do have de facto independence. What are we to make of this situation?
For one thing, we can look at their elder sibling, Kosovo. Recognized by western countries but not by Russia or China, it declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Russia has made much of this precedent. “If you can decide that Kosovo is a state over our objections, we can decide that South Ossetia is a state over yours!” The response from the west has been a little petulant... dear oh dear! And here is an intriguing thought... will South and North Ossetia get together? Such a wonderfully exciting world....

North & South Ossetia - is a wedding in the wind?


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