Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hairy Pagan Blokes' Sauna Sunday* (Women allowed)

This week's sauna commemorates the tragic Pagan loss in the the Battle of the Frigidus, (also called the Battle of the Frigid River,) was fought between September 5–6 394, between the army of the Eastern Emperor Theodosius I and the army of Western Roman ruler Eugenius.

The Battle of the Frigidus

The unfortunate defeat of Eugenius and his commander, the Frankish magister militum Arbogast, (you have gotta luv a bloke with the name Arboghast) put the whole empire back in the hands of a single emperor for the last time in Roman history. Most significantly, the battle was the last attempt to contest the Christianization of the empire; its outcome decided the fate of Christianity in the western Empire.

Hairy Blokes what is turnin' up - an' wimin: Martin (Hairyman) Pearson, Maid Marina, Mac nan Alba, Ratsarse, Samir, Zany, Doc Dave, PopCulture Tart (oh dear, I just waxed!), Baggage, The very un-hairy Elegant Duchess, Shiva, Mr Primrose, Saintly Sister Sarah, Saint Paul... PLUS!!! Possible first Australian appearance nude of CocoLoco! (if they get over jet lag)... and Kali! UPDATE>>> Coco Loco have confirmed they will be present. Yay!

Nibble on this:

Blokes Main Nosh: Oiled loin of Jackman (with nuts) a la Baggage (assisted by Doc D with roast spuds)

Hairy sides (2 contributions please - big crowd): Kali & Mac, also Maid Marina and Hairyman Pearson will contribute a side

Salad: You must be joking, blokes don't eat rabbit food. Zany will make hampster food

Blokes Pudding: (Yeah? If we want cream we'll bloody well have it, right?) PopCulture Tart will make the pear tart Zany likes, because she's good to us

Booze: Lots. Wine - The Duchess Beer: Mr Primrose an' d Ratsarse (good name for a duo?)

Musik: What do you call half a sunas? Sunas Possible? Anyway musickish contribution will be from Saint Paul and Saintly Sister Sarah.

Kitchen Chick:

Those too chicken to show up: Magick Hans, Balinese Tommo, Vestal Urgin, ...

Frankish magister militum, Arbogast

*Hairy Blokes mums and gurlfrends is all welkome, right? Can't say fairer than that.

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