Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sauna Sunday ~ February 21

A Birthday Sauna

Sandy's birthday sauna: wild music, fab food, hot & sweaty times with a bunch of fine pagan folk. Come along in a taxi and take the next day off work!

Coming along: Madam Baggage, Mistress Zany, Sidi Sandy, Sister Bronwen, Croc en Bouche, Mistress Sam, CocoLoco Trevor, Lord Voldemort, Lady Gaga, Kali, Mac nan Alba, Mr D M, Mistress Sarah, Master Paul, Primrose....

Main Feast: Madam Baggage rosemary and lemon roast lamb, braised beans (donations to cost requested)

Side food: steamed greens by Mac & Kali, Tabbouleh by Primrose Princess

Salads: Mistress Sarah

Puddings: Sam

Drinks: Lord Voldemort & Lady Gaga, Mr D M,

Kitchen slave:

Regrets: Marquis de Sade, Lucretia B, Xavier, Dr D, Graduate Princess, Red Shoes, Fruitbat, Pop Kulture Tart, Her Dutchessness (unwell at last moment)

A Sauna Birthday cake!


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