Monday, January 10, 2011

Rose Geranium Cake Recipe

180g of self-raising flour
3 large eggs
180g melted butter
180g caster sugar
30ml brandy
4 or 5 rose geranium leaves, torn apart loosely

(You can substitute cider brandy and apple geranium leaves for an apple geranium cake instead)

Sift the flour into a bowl and mix in the eggs with a wooden spoon, then add the butter, sugar and brandy. Once the mixture has a smooth consistency, add the geranium leaves. The mixture should be relatively liquid.

Grease a medium-sized cake dish or line it with baking paper. Pour the mixture into the dish and bake it at 200C for 25-30 minutes. Let the cake cool for a while in the dish and then turn out and decorate with geranium leaves or flowers. Can be eaten either warm or cold.


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