Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Off to Scotty-land

The Beckiest of us all travels home to the Northern hemisphere on Tuesday and so this week's sauna is dedicated to her bye-bye-adness.

Choose your role for the evening:

Mains: Kali (Beef Madras without onion)

Sides: Jeff

Drinks: Nic and John will bring some wine, Keith and Randall some beers

Puddings: Shez & Nic

Kitchen slaves: Emma

Possible late-comers: John and Nic

Away: Samir, Zany, Mirri, Carrie, Fruitbat

A gold coin donation is being sought from all sauna attendees to contribute to the pool and sauna components of the power bill.

RSVP by Friday if possible, please.

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