Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not all Saunas are Equal !

 Once in a while you stumble upon a sauna that is so different that it is worth taking note of. The one we discovered in Amsterdam is called Sauna Deco and is the most luxurious sauna we have ever seen.

In fact there are two saunas and a Turkish steam room inside - one sauna is really hot and the other "family friendly". What is great is not just the décor, which is all authentic deco, but the fact it is a mixed sauna and the Dutch are very at home with their bodies! While there are a lot of gay saunas in Amsterdam, this one is not a pick-up place, but a sensual experience of another kind.

Situated on the Herengracht (canal), it is in a fabulous area and was just around the corner from our houseboat. Because they only let in a certain number of people at one time, it is never crowded and felt very friendly. The relaxation areas are huge

the chill-out areas were amazingly beautiful

People in the hot sauna were friendly and welcoming. And in the chill-out rooms you could get tea, coffee, snacks and cold drinks. No beer though. However, having been nibbling on "space-cake", beer was not on our agenda.

The Turkish steam room (without steam in photo) and one half of the hot sauna
The cold plunge pool was quite small, but cool enough. To the right of it was another room where you could simply sit and soak your feet in hot or cold water, while the rest of you cooled down. Lovely!

the plunge pool was very deep but not very wide
Ah... and the other side of relaxing in Amsterdam?

Space-Cake ! Very tasty...
And for the horticulturists among us, there are shops everywhere with more than just tulips...

Complete with "feminised" seeds


Sauna Deco
Herengracht 115
Grachtengordel: West Amsterdam


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