Saturday, January 06, 2007

Sauna Sunday January 7

Who is Coming? Samir & Zany, Kali & Mac na Alba, Smukmand & Baggage, Jinki.

Apologies: Red, who is in Australia but otherwise occupied. John & Nicole. Germaine Greer. Rastas and Primrose

Mains: Samir - Moroccan lamb with Pomegranate

Salad: Samir & Zany (Fennel/Pomegranate/Cucumber)

Dessert: Smukmand & Baggage - Oeufs a la Neige avec pomegranate. This dish is served with a strong 'fertility' warning (see below).

Beer & Guiness: Kali & Mac na Alba


Washing up duties:

Who is Melanie? notes: that Pomegranate was the personal emblem of the Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I , is one of the symbols of Hera, and is the symbol of fertility, abundance & marriage, as well as being fruit from the Garden of Eden.


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