Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sauna Sunday June 29 2008

Nic & Bec in Fez, Morocco

Please note: Special guests this weekend Heather & Andrew Patterson.

Please let us know if you are attending as we don't want a squash!

Attending: Baggage, Zany, Samir, Andrew, Heather, Primrose Goddess, Rastas, Mac nan Alba, Kali and Signology Elly...

Mains: Zany's Sardine Bake

Salad or Veg:
Mac nan Alba, Kali

Pudding: Primrose Goddess

Wine: Andrew

Bec relaxes in hammam.

Not attending:

John says: Nic, John and Bec won't be able to make it. Nic and Bec are busy looking gorgeous while lying around with little clothing and John is inconsolable over being excluded from the photo shoot.

Inconsolable John has breakdown in Fez


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