Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sauna Sunday July 6 2008

Happy 10th Anniversary - Zany!

Yes, incredible as it may seem, Zany has been married for 10 years and this is the once in a decade, one time only, unique.....

(it will be hot!)
So, saunaistas, put on your best sauna hotpants... and be there to help Zany and er... ( well she probably married someone)... celebrate.

ATTENDING ARE - Zany, Samir, Shez, Wally, Kali ( and her Scottish Laird)....



Pudding: Kali

Wine, Beer, Guinness: Shez and Wally

Apologies from The Shoe in the Tree: I will not be there but send Riotous Red Shoe Greetings for a Fabulous Anniversary!

Baggage and Smukmand send happiest heartfelt congratulations to the two for such grand choices of mate! Baggage sends
greetings from while Smukmand waves vigorously from , and being in these various places they both submit apologies in lieu of attendance.


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